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Heritage & Environment

Creation Care


If you’ve noticed while walking into the gathering hall this past Sunday, the Creation Care herb garden is growing well.  As a reminder to renew our planet by planting trees and shrubs and utilizing God’s bounty to enhance our daily lives, these herbs are for the taking.  Snip off a little basil or parsley, pinch a bit of thyme, of just admire the general splendor of God’s creation.


Join Creation Care

Here at St Luke’s our Creation Care team has been going strong since summer of 2022.  We have a vibrant group that meets monthly, with many projects in full force, and plan on more to come.  If caring for God’s fabulous gift of this planet and all its wonders calls to you, give Laura Henry a shout at  henrycls@yahoo.com. We would love to have your energy and ideas.  Joining a group gives you support in your individual efforts and amplifies your individual impact.