Contemporary Worship Service on October 4 at Noon

A Note from our Rector about the upcoming contemporary worship service on Sunday, October 4, at 12 p.m.

You might wonder what it is and why we should have one. Most of us are happy with the beauty and the traditional music we enjoy during our 10:00 am service. I know for a fact that many have joined St Luke’s also because of the quality and the beauty of our musical offering.

But there are people for whom our traditional worship and music seem outdated, or more accurately, there are people whose musical tastes and needs for worship are different from ours. I know that families with children and teenagers need another kind of worship. This has been on my mind since I began to serve as your rector. I struggled to find a way to offer a more contemporary form of worship, but at the same time, I did not want to change our 10:00 AM service because it corresponds to what most of our congregation needs and wants.

With the new noon service, it occurred to me that we could have an experiment. I presented the idea to Sophie as the Children and Youth Minister and we thought we could have at least a monthly contemporary service for families, teens, and all who will be interested. I shared this idea with the staff, and all were very excited by the idea.

So, next week, first Sunday of October, we will have our 1st contemporary worship service at noon, either in the Parish Hall or in the Church, depending on the number of people registered. Register here now!

What to expect? First and foremost, it will be an Episcopal Eucharist service, with some adaptations: only one reading before the Gospel; a Eucharistic Prayer adapted from Common Worship from the Church of England; no written Prayers of the People but an invitation to share silently or aloud our thanksgivings, prayers, and concerns; a shorter sermon… and contemporary Christian music. As we can not sing yet, the music will be recorded.

So, if you know in your family or circle of friends, people who would be interested in this form of worship, let them know! My plan at this time is to offer this service once a month. But if there is a demand, I’m ready to have it twice a month or weekly. This is a trial, in order to help our congregation to reach out to those who don’t know us yet, especially younger families. Let’s see what happens!