Ash Wednesday at St. Luke’s

On Wednesday, February 17, we are going to celebrate Ash Wednesday, the solemn and official beginning of Lent, this spiritual journey that will lead us to the joy of Easter after having followed Christ in his passion and death in Holy Week. Did you know that the imposition of the ashes is optional? The rubric about the ashes states that, “If ashes are to be imposed, the celebrant says the following prayer…” (BCP p.265) Despite its name, this liturgy is not so much about receiving ashes than it is about repentance and conversion. It’s why the heart of the Ash Wednesday service is the beautiful and meaningful Litany of Penitence ( BCP p.267).

On Ash Wednesday, please take the time to watch the video available on our website and on Facebook. And because I know that the ashes are important to many of us, you will have the possibility to come from 9:00 to noon to receive ashes in the parking lot.

Have a blessed and holy Lent!